Let’s talk about harmfulness of real asynchronicity in tests.

How to check the value produced from Observable, Promise, or callback?

We have seen various benchmarks and charts on conferences. What is the real impact on our application?

Telephone with chineese text
Telephone with chineese text
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Problem — translate model from server

  1. {{ items.state }} will produce generated enums values (0, 1, 2... or 'TODO', 'IN_PROGRESS'...)
  2. We need to convert enum value into string, however this has to be within template, not…

Deep dive into typing system to solve THE ultimate riddle

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Notes from the conference. Based on 20 hand-written pages. Strong or misleading interpretations are all on me.

Keynote — Progressive Web Apps

Piotr Lewandowski

JavaScript performance-solver at @Dynatrace. JavaScript trouble-maker on my own

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